2019: Second Quarter Update

Thank you to all of our supporters! Because of you, we have provided 20 instruments in the second quarter of 2019!

Receiving organizations include:

The Academy Project (California)

ROC Music (New York)

Greater Milwaukee El Sistema (Wisconsin)

Bay Area Music Project (California)

B Sharp Youth Music (Texas)

New Mexico Philharmonic (New Mexico)

Q the Music (Ohio)

Quotes from our recipients:

“We are very proud of our students and all that they have accomplished at such a young age.  At B Sharp, our students read and understand music, play an instrument and sing in the choir, learn the value of participating on a team, and develop the necessary life skills to contribute positively to society.  I know you understand the importance of music education, and we are so grateful to you for helping others learn about our program.
We look forward to the next school year where we can continue educating our students with the generous donation provided by you and your amazing program, Guitars 4 Gifts!”

- B Sharp Youth Music

“Teaching Artist Christina Keller reports that one student asked to stay after class so he could get help writing the notes to “Happy Birthday,” as it was his sister’s birthday, and he wanted to perform the song for her on his cello. Another student comprehended how to play musical broken thirds on his violin using math: “You add two and subtract one!” the student proudly realized. Nicola Gruen, Level I and II Violin Teaching Artist, shares that “One child’s dad is in prison and visits her once a month. She said he gives her $1 when she plays her violin for him!” These stories of mentoring and social development permeate our program on a regular basis. As covered by NPR, “Scores of orchestras across America do some kind of music-education outreach. But few of them are embedded in the life of a school three days a week. That's what the Sound Minds program is doing.”

- California Symphony/Sound Minds

How One Guitar Can Change a Life: CreatiVets

Veterans can have a difficult time adjusting after they get come home from war. Many are unable to fully heal through traditional coping mechanisms and therapy programs. This is where CreatiVets comes in, and why we like to support this organization which is dedicated to making sure that every veteran who goes through their program can live their best life.

Every month, CreatiVets provides housing, transportation, food, and every other trip expense for two veterans to have the chance to come to Nashville to write with professional songwriters on Music Row. Guitars 4 Gifts provides each veteran with a guitar that they can then use to continue writing songs whenever they want.

Richard Casper, a veteran, founded this program after learning how art and music helped him tell his story.

“When I discovered that art and music had helped save my life I knew that it could do it for other combat veterans. I decided to make programs based off how I felt when I was severely depressed and anxious and what I would have needed to be able to go through a program. Thats why CreatiVets pays for the veterans flights, food, tuition, entertainment, Hotels, dorm rooms, etc... to Nashville and the best art schools in the country. I wanted to make sure veterans wouldn't say no to an opportunity to heal themselves through the arts.”

One of the last veterans they had in town was a Vietnam combat veteran. He had been through some very traumatic experiences and didn't know how to talk about them. At the end of a four hour writing session he said he felt like a 30 year old weight was lifted off of him. 

They were able to do the cowrite with this veteran at the Grand Ole Opry, and are the first songwriters that have written a song in the back rooms of the Opry (that’s what the Opry staff said). Not only did the veteran love it, but so did the songwriters. Even the most accomplished songwriters jumped at the chance to write at the Opry while helping a veteran heal. 

Each veteran is able to go home from this program with a professionally written song, as well as a guitar and some guitar accessories to help them continue to heal though music.

Guitars 4 Gifts provides a Recording King Guitar, Fishman Tuner, Kyser Capo, and D’Addario strings for each veteran to keep.

How One Instrument Can Change a Life: Africa

One of my friends is a missionary who travels to Africa. He had been telling me about how he always brings his guitar on mission trips, and about how all of the kids from the village love the instrument. They love to learn new chords and songs, and find so much joy from being able to play music. However, they are unable to have any instruments other than the ones they make, and after he leaves they are unable to play a guitar until he returns.

He was explaining this to my father, who suggested we send an instrument with him for the youth of the village to keep. I loved this idea, and so we donated a guitar to him to bring to Africa. He took it, and sent a picture to me of a whole group of kids crowded around the guitar. He told me about how a couple of the youth really took to the instrument, and were learning everything they could about it. Even months after he left, they were still emailing him asking for new chords, songs, or anything else they could learn. It was their first and only guitar, and they were so excited to be able to learn music whenever they want to.

Music is a huge part of every culture and it helps connect everyone. When we hear another person playing a song, we can feel the emotion they put behind it without ever understanding the exact words they are saying. I like to think that just like all words boil down to the same twenty-six letters, all of life’s experiences boil down to the same emotions. If we are able to tell our stories through these emotions, who knows how well we could communicate.

Most people don't think of music as a method of communication, but I believe that it is one of the best methods we have. Through music, we are able to make others feel what we are feeling, and do this in a safe way that promotes understanding. And when words break down, music can help us share what we are feeling.


How One Guitar Can Change A Life: Refugees

Recently, G4G visited a non-profit for teen refugees where they can receive help with tutoring, college applications, drivers ed, and much more called Legacy Mission Village. Many of the teen refugees have no one to help them with their college applications or school work. Many of them know little English when they start school in the US. They are placed in school based on their age, not how much prior schooling they received. Often, their parents do not know any English, and therefore, are unable to help them with their schoolwork. Programs like Legacy Mission Village help them thrive in their new life.

Music is meant to be felt. Many refugees come to the US with very little, but they are able to bring their voice and songs with them. Music has deep roots in their life and culture, and it can help them to learn, adjust to their new life, or just have fun.

Most of the teens in this program have an intense love for music. They have songs from their native country that they love to sing. Learning the guitar helps them connect with other teens their own age. After learning about their program and the teens' love for music, G4G decided to donate a couple guitars and a cajon. As soon as we brought in the guitars, the teens started jamming. Many of them have been playing for less that a year, but they have been able to pick up new songs quicker than anyone I have ever seen. It was amazing to see how much someone can love playing music. Most of their songs were in different languages, but everyone in the room was enamored by the joy you felt as they performed.

In Nashville (and anywhere, really) it can be easy to get caught up in playing music for some other personal benefit, but these teens play music just because they love it. They taught me how important it is to be grateful, and to be passionate about what you are doing. I was able to talk to one girl about how much she loves music, and how much she appreciates being able to use a guitar whenever she is at the teen program. Check out our Instagram (@guitars4gifts) for a video of the jam session!

Lastly, thank you to all of you for your support. We hope that you enjoy hearing stories about the power of music.