2019: Second Quarter Update

Thank you to all of our supporters! Because of you, we have provided 20 instruments in the second quarter of 2019!

Receiving organizations include:

The Academy Project (California)

ROC Music (New York)

Greater Milwaukee El Sistema (Wisconsin)

Bay Area Music Project (California)

B Sharp Youth Music (Texas)

New Mexico Philharmonic (New Mexico)

Q the Music (Ohio)

Quotes from our recipients:

“We are very proud of our students and all that they have accomplished at such a young age.  At B Sharp, our students read and understand music, play an instrument and sing in the choir, learn the value of participating on a team, and develop the necessary life skills to contribute positively to society.  I know you understand the importance of music education, and we are so grateful to you for helping others learn about our program.
We look forward to the next school year where we can continue educating our students with the generous donation provided by you and your amazing program, Guitars 4 Gifts!”

- B Sharp Youth Music

“Teaching Artist Christina Keller reports that one student asked to stay after class so he could get help writing the notes to “Happy Birthday,” as it was his sister’s birthday, and he wanted to perform the song for her on his cello. Another student comprehended how to play musical broken thirds on his violin using math: “You add two and subtract one!” the student proudly realized. Nicola Gruen, Level I and II Violin Teaching Artist, shares that “One child’s dad is in prison and visits her once a month. She said he gives her $1 when she plays her violin for him!” These stories of mentoring and social development permeate our program on a regular basis. As covered by NPR, “Scores of orchestras across America do some kind of music-education outreach. But few of them are embedded in the life of a school three days a week. That's what the Sound Minds program is doing.”

- California Symphony/Sound Minds