Guitars 4 Gifts, or G4G, was founded in 2011 to help connect people through music by providing instruments to underserved groups. To date, G4G has given away about 200 instruments to people in the US, China, Africa, and Nicaragua.

Our Story

Guitars 4 Gifts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission of providing musical instruments to underserved groups to help people tell their story and heal through music. It is our goal to make sure that everyone has access to the tools they need to play music.

Anna Clark started this organization in 2011 when she was eleven years old. After giving four guitars away through her Church's Christmas Basket program, she decided she wanted to provide instruments to people more often.

To date, Guitars 4 Gifts has given away about 200 instruments to organizations such as CreatiVets, El Sistema USA, 3 Chords (part of World Relief Nashville), Kids on Stage Summer Academy, W.O. Smith School of Music, Liberty Collegiate Academy, Ronald McDonald House Charities, The Music Therapy Program at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, and The Boys and Girls Clubs of Rutherford County.

Guitars 4 Gifts has seen how a musical instrument and education can make a huge impact on one person's life. While giving a guitar to the Ronald McDonald House, G4G was able to make a young boy smile for the first time in months, simply by playing him a Johnny Cash song. Another mother saw her child receive his guitar in tears. She later explained how much he loved music, but how they were unable to afford an instrument for him to practice on. Because of the generosity of so many people, G4G has been able to bring the joy of music to countless people. 

There have been multiple articles published about G4G, including articles in and The Women's International Music Network. Guitars 4 Gifts also did a radio interview with Lightning 100 in Nashville, TN, and has been featured on the show Real People by Rudy on Channel 4 News. 

In the next few years, Guitars 4 Gifts would like to grow to be able to give away an instrument a day to enable more people to share their stories.


Quotes from our recipients.

“We received 2 12"violas and a 1/4 size violin. Up to this time, I have been re-stringing 1/2 sized violins to make a 12" viola. This makes the bottom two strings sound like rubber bands stretched across a shoebox. The viola players who received the viola are very much in love with the sound of their beautiful new viola!”

- UB Kinsey/ Palmview Elementary School of the Arts

“We have one little boy now who is very energetic, and has a hard time holding himself together in school; extreme emotions, constant moving around to the point where others were injured...he had such a tough time staying engaged! This kid who struggles so much in class LOVES playing the violin. He works so hard to pay attention, stays engaged in the lesson, and is becoming one of our best little players. His classroom teachers have also seen a difference. Without the free program we provide to these kids, this little boy and others like him would not be able to find their "thing" that makes their lives so much happier.”

- Harmony School of Music

Guitars 4 Gifts delivered guitars to the Boys' and Girls' Club of Rutherford County to help start their music program.

Guitars 4 Gifts delivered guitars to the Boys' and Girls' Club of Rutherford County to help start their music program.