Guitars 4 Gifts is looking for inspiring people who have a passion for music and want to help spread this passion to others. Applicants do not need to know how to play a musical instrument. If you are interested, please fill out the form below by selecting and answering the questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ambassadors are expected to:

  1. Act in a professional manner and be responsible with meeting deadlines.
  2. Show enthusiasm about music and helping children.
  3. Have proficient public speaking skills.
  4. Recruit one new Ambassador by the end of their project.

Ambassadors can submit a project they would like to partner with G4G on. Examples of a project may include presenting a guitar to an organization and/or teaching a small guitar lesson, but the project can be anything you can come up with! 

All projects and organizations that receive guitars must be approved by Guitars 4 Gifts before they can be started. For questions, contact

Upon receiving your application, Guitars 4 Gifts will reply within one week to schedule an interview to set specific milestones and guidelines for becoming an Ambassador.

Name *
Include goals, deadlines, and an project end date
List organizations, time spent per week, and the project or group you worked with.
This reference may be an employer, teacher, private instructor or coach, etc.
Please give us three possible days and times you could schedule an interview for. Include your time zone.